Stunning church converted into bookstore

Photo courtesy of Web Urbanist

Photo courtesy of Web Urbanist

A 15th-century church in the Netherlands was recently converted into a rather impressive bookstore containing thousands of books, as well as other retail items such as pens and stationary. If there are two kinds of buildings I love, they’re bookstores and old churches.

The bright and airy atmosphere makes it seem like the kind of place I could spend hours in, studying, reading, and discussing intelligent things with others. I’ve seen my share of European cathedrals, and while I think they’re all beautiful and worth seeing, I think I might enjoy this one even more than the others. I just wonder what would happen in America if a church-turned-bookstore started carrying copies of Fifty Shades of Grey or the Qu’ran…oh, the uproar among the highly religious.

Anyhow, there’s not much I can say about the bookstore that hasn’t already been said by Web Urbanist, so if you’re curious about it or just want to see more pictures (which I highly suggest), head over to their page.

Why can’t we have nice things like this in America??


4 thoughts on “Stunning church converted into bookstore

    • I know! And I’m so glad they left the organ intact and open so shoppers can see it. Possibly my favorite part of a cathedral is the organ.

      • I grew up Baptist in an old and very gothic looking church in Kentucky. I’ve also wandered through Catholicism here in California and all the ornateness that goes along with their churches. And, even though I no longer subscribe to those beliefs, as you said, there IS something quite special about the old churches. A sort of timelessness; probably not much difference in what they’re like (how the look and feel and smell, etc.) today vs. what they were like hundreds of years ago. Outside of nature itself, probably not too many places where you can experience that. ~ Bill (P.S. – I always like your posts. 🙂

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