Review: “Too Bright To Hear, Too Loud To See” by Juliann Garey

toobrightGreyson Todd is an extraordinarily successful man, a Hollywood agent with a beautiful wife and young daughter. His life may seem ideal, but lurking beneath the surface is an illness he’s been struggling with for as long as he can remember. He has bipolar disorder, which is likely to lead to him destroying the world he’s created for himself.

The book is told in four time periods – Greyson’s childhood dealing with an abusive father with his own mental instabilities, the days of his greatest successes when the effects of his disorder are beginning to take their toll, his time after he leaves his family and experiences the world, and the present time after he is admitted to a mental hospital.

I’m consistently drawn to books about people with mental illnesses because I find them fascinating and yet painfully real. For me they tend to be the most terrifying and heart-breaking books to read. Garey did an excellent job in this book portraying a man who knows he has a devastating problem, but can’t take control of it. She’s blunt in her story-telling and doesn’t go for a cliché feel-good ending (sorry for those of you who are looking for that).

I sped through this book in a day because I didn’t want to be distracted from it, and much to my friends’ dismay, I wasn’t able to be distracted from it. Highly recommended for those who enjoy something a bit dark, but real.

Here it is on Goodreads and Amazon.



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