Most famous book sets

Business Insider published an article a few days ago with a map of the United States and each state’s most famous book set. I’m not surprised to see the Little House series is the most famous for Wisconsin; I read most of them when I was young and it was a given that every young girl would read them. I guess I’m not sure how popular it was outside of my state, though the TV series from 1974-1983 probably helped spread it a bit.

I’ve posted the map below so my readers can find their state’s most famous book set. I feel a little bad for Washington, honestly, having to deal with Twilight…

Anyway, have you read the book/series from your state?



4 thoughts on “Most famous book sets

    • I haven’t read any of the books from TN or CA >.<

      And yeah, LA would be great if a lot of people had read Interview. I find that too many people in general only know the movie.

      • I confess… After seeing the movie I just could not get into the book… BUT, I am now in my 4th or 5th reading (lost count ) of The Vampire Lestat (which we’ve discussed), and it’s just as great a tale to me now as it was in the first reading. ;). I dunno, TVL is just at another level from anything I’ve ever read… It’s history, psychology, fairy tale, love story, and, well, vampires(!) all rolled into one. 🙂

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