Google Hands?

You may recall from either my  post last month or from reading the news that recently the lawsuit against Google was dismissed, meaning the company is allowed to continue scanning books for its Internet database, open to the public. Hurray! But I just came across something pretty strange. Apparently there are some significant glitches in the scanning process, and not all of them are machinery problems.

Photo courtesy of Google Hands.

                                                      Photo courtesy of Google Hands.

Note the irony of the book’s title.

It seems there is a plethora of Google employees’ hands on the interwebs, beautifully wrapped in tiny pink finger condoms, and some people are having fun searching for and posting these gems. I point you to the New Yorker article that I read for more information on the intrusive Google Hands and their consequences, and other ways Google has royally screwed up. Not that I’m complaining…I couldn’t live without them.


2 thoughts on “Google Hands?

  1. Uh-hem. I think it’s hilarious. Sort of off-topic, but after once being a real google advocate, I’ve gone out of my way to de-google myself as much as possible in the last year, and it’s worked nicely. Honorable mentions: Bing, Firefox, Outlook (web mail, calendar, and skydrive), and of course iphone. Everything separate. No one attempting the take over the world and merge all my stuff. Interestingly, in my experience, Firefox plays YouTube videos better than Chrome, and YouTube is a Google product…

    • I’ll admit, I’m still a pretty big Google advocate. I find that Google search works better for me than any other and Chrome seems to run faster for me. I use both Gmail and Outlook, and do like Outlook better. I will not, though, use Apple products, especially the iphone. I think it’s overpriced for what it is and I’ve seen too many stolen/broken for me to invest in it. Android, please!

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