Haruki Murakami really upset these townspeople

Murakami has an entire town (1,900 people) in an uproar, demanding an apology for a comment made about the town in his most recent story. The town is called Nakatonbetsu, and they are insistent that they are not litterbugs, as Murakami implies, and are in fact very dedicated to the cleanliness of their town.

The offending story, called Drive My Car – Men Without Women, was published in a Japanese magazine in December. In the story, the protagonist is driving in a car with a Nakatonbetsu native. When the native tosses a cigarette out the car window, the protagonist thinks, “Probably this is something everyone in Nakatonbetsu commonly does.”

And that, my friends, is apparently enough to cause holy hell to rain down on Murakami. No word yet if the town will receive their apology.

The entire story can be read on The Telegraph.


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