Review: “Me of Little Faith” by Lewis Black

faithAnyone else love Lewis Black as much as I do? His shouty rants about politics and other idiotic things are usually spot on and are a form of catharsis to the rest of us who are frustrated, but can’t go around shouting profanities in public. I always knew he was Jewish by heritage, but in Me of Little Faith he elaborates on his upbringing and how he has approached faith in various ways.

It turns out that Black is not an atheist as I would have expected, but nor is he a follower of organized religion of any sort. It was a surprise to me to learn that he believes in spirits and ghosts, but it was interesting to see how he came to believe in these things, what evidence he had, and why he rejected organized religion.

By the way, if you’ve never seen Lewis Black perform, please click on the photo below for a great segment about Bush and the Old Testament:




A great, one-day read for fans of Lewis Black. Worth buying, especially since you can find a used hardcover on Amazon for $0.01.

Amazon | Goodreads


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