Review: “Vintage” by Susan Gloss

vintageThis is the story of Violet, the owner of a vintage clothing store in Madison, Wisconsin. Approaching middle age, Violet is beginning to wonder more and more often if she will ever have a family of her own. This is also the story of April, an 18-year-old high school dropout who happens to be pregnant and recently left by her fiancé. Added to the story is Amithi, who after decades of marriage comes to learn that her husband has been unfaithful for most of that time. The stories of these women wind together with the stories of the items Violet carries in her store, as the women must learn how to trust and how to forgive.

I just made myself sick writing that synopsis. I think I requested this book from the publisher solely because it’s set in Wisconsin and seemed mildly interesting. I was unaware that it was chick lit. That being said, it really wasn’t terrible. It has all the clichés of women’s literature, like the abusive ex-husband and the new man who, miraculously, is exactly what the woman has been looking for her whole life. It’s feel-good nonsense where everyone gets exactly what they deserve in the end, no matter what. But it was entertaining and amusing at points, so I’ll give it that.

In reality, Gloss is the owner of a vintage clothing store via Etsy and based out of Madison. I’m sure this book will help boost her business. She’s writing what women want to read and I’m sure she’ll make money from the book itself, but I think she could be a better writer is she moved away from women’s literature and tackled more serious topics. Here’s hoping.


Not my thing, but probably good for someone looking for a light read this summer. It’s available today from William Morrow.

Amazon | Goodreads


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