Review: “In Search of King Solomon’s Mines” by Tahir Shah

536355While browsing a shop in Jerusalem, Shah comes across a hand-drawn map that the shop owner claims could guide him to the legendary gold mines of King Solomon. Dubious map in hand, Shah sets out on a quest to Ethiopia.

In the capital, Addis Ababa, Shah collects two locals to help him – an educated, devout Christian with a rare love of his country’s history, and a sketchy and reckless Somali driver. Together the three explore the corners of Ethiopia, withstanding humor and hardship the whole way.

Not only is this book a hilarious, exciting adventure; it’s also a fantastic insight into the customs and folklore of the Ethiopian people. While Shah takes a sometimes arrogant and off-putting tone when speaking about the local people, overall this just adds to the humor and depth of the book.

TL;DR: I’m not sure who wouldn’t love this book. It’s witty, exciting, and informative all at once. Also, the Kindle edition is only $2.09. No excuses to not read it.

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