Who am I?

Just a 20-something Wisconsin girl who reads way more than is probably healthy.

Why am I qualified to tell anyone what books are good and which are terrible?

I probably am not qualified, and anyone who says he/she is qualified is a liar. But I can tell you that I dedicate a large portion of my time to reading, and that has made me very critical. I don’t read a book that doesn’t hold distinct value to me. I also have a deep amount of respect for writing as a craft, and so place a lot of weight in how well a book is written.

What kinds of books do I review?

I’m curious about the world, so I read a good deal of non-fiction, mostly history, science, and politics.  However, the majority of what I read is literary fiction (not to be confused with women’s fiction). You won’t find here reviews of Twilight or anything with Fabio on the cover. I also frequently receive advance review copies  from publishers, so that my readers may be the first to see reviews of upcoming books.

See my Review History for specific books I’ve reviewed.

Email: bdallmann88[at]gmail[dot]com


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