The Vampire Chronicles Revisited

A discussion with a friend of mine this past weekend led me (read: shamed me) into returning to my favorite set of novels. This friend read the books at approximately the same time and at the same age as I did, and yet can recall an incredible number of details that I had all but forgotten.

So I am going to re-read all of the Vampire Chronicles, in order, hopefully over the course of the next year. I will make a separate post for each book, and in the meantime will continue reading and posting about other material.

My first time through the Vampire Chronicles, ten years ago, was about experiencing the story and transforming my mindset. I was fourteen years old, a freshman in high school, impressionable and clueless as to who I was or who I wanted to be. These books were my personal catalyst into a new perspective on the world, a perspective that has continued to shift throughout the past 10 years.

The second time through I am going much deeper. This time around is about studying the story, the prose, the symbolism, and the author as she reveals herself through her characters.

And so I embark on a journey to revisit my favorite books, my favorite characters,  and my favorite writer. Whether you’ve never read a word by Anne Rice or have devoured all of her work as I have, I hope you take the time to enjoy my ruminations on the Vampire Chronicles.

Stay alert for my first VC post on Interview with the Vampire.


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